Peak Everyone's Performance at the Workplace

The information explosion in the workplace has resulted in more paper, more emails, more interruptions, more meeting and more crises.

The pace of work demands that we response ever more quickly, or we fall behind.

Professionals and their managers complain that:

  • They are always short of time
  • They have too much to do
  • Their working hours increase – and they still can’t catch up
  • Long-term improvement of life and work suffer because of continual crisis or overload

These problems are serious – but they can be solved.

Why do these problems arise? The answer is simple: Although most of us have been formally educated in our professions.

Few of us, especially office workers, have been taught how to work efficiently and effectively.

Most professionals have no idea on how to organize themselves or how best to process their work.

They have not been shown how to deal with the ambiguity and complexity of the modern work environment.

Because we haven’t been formally trained to deal with these matters systematically, we learn on the job.

We pick up some things by trial and error; we see colleagues who cope well enough, so we try to use their ideas, and sometimes we get lucky – but not always.


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